martedì 28 settembre 2010

My first experience of I made it job all' age of 13 years. During summer of mine 13 years, because to school it did not go well and because I was convinced that to work graves better than to study, and also because I would have used the gain in order to acquire a vespa to the fulfillment of 14 years; through my father I came inserted in a group of persons who made maintenance to apartments in a locality of sea to a ten of kilometers from house mine. Together to me, there was a my friend of my same age, to some persons of average age; that they transported to us on the place of job with their cars, and gave instructions on what to make to us. The morning was begun towards the 7,30, then to the 12 was a scant hour of pause, then was resumed. .non was ended before the 18, more often towards the 19. I did not resist very, approximately 3 weeks, my friend still less. It was a particularly heavy job, practically we made the assistants for of the masons. .e that is moving concrete bags, than to the times they weighed kg 50, but at least we could make it together. to.trasportare concrete buckets or ruins with carrucole or by hand, to clean up cancelled of iron with abrasive paper, small paint jobs, to paste similar concrete… and things. The head was rather demanding, and the hour wage that had decided for we was not high… piled with the old one coins to Liras 3000…

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